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Professional RV and Motor home mobile tank cleaning service in the Savannah, GA and surrounding areas. We come out to your location and clean your black and grey holding tanks with our hydro-jetting technology so you can get back on the road and enjoy the RV life!


Black Tanks

Your black water tank is the unsung hero and is why you don’t have to empty a nasty RV toilet into a pit at the campground. But it’s easy to ignore black tanks until we have a 💩 pyramid, sensor not working properly or a bad odor.

Grey Tanks

A gray water tank holds wastewater from your sinks, showers, and other water fixtures in your RV. Hair, soap and grease can accumulate in the tanks and pipes leading to future struvite buildup and blockages over time if not cleaned out properly.

Serving Savannah, GA and surrounding areas

When camping, you don’t want to think about your holding tanks.

It seems like many people are confused about how long you can safely leave your black water tank full. We’re here to clear things up!

Most camping experts confirm that you can leave black water in the RV tank for up to ten days. Most, however, state that you should empty it after no longer than one week.

The reason is simple: bacteria and chemicals in the tank can start to break down after a while.

In fact, some of these bacteria can even begin to grow mold. This will make your RV smell bad and could even cause health problems for anyone who breathes in the fumes from the moldy and pathogen-filled wastewater.

Not at a campsite? No problem!

We have a special worked out with Whispering Pines RV Park, a local camp grounds in the area, who will allow you to hook up to their sewage lines for a $25 fee and have the cleaning done at one of their camping slots at their campground.

Holding Tank Cleaning

Our special hydro-jetting system is designed to unclog all RV holding tanks. We help eliminate foul odors. Remove sludge build up, toilet paper stuck to the sensors resulting in false sensor readings and struvite. While ending mold growth and sewer bugs.

$150 per tank

Black Tank Cleaning

Grey Tank Cleaning

Galley Holding Tank Cleaning


Keep Your Tanks Clean

Travel Fees

We believe in transparent and fair pricing. Our travel fee is a modest $2 per mile, calculated for the one-way journey to your location only. This approach ensures you’re not paying for our return trip. Our fee structure is designed to simply cover our fuel costs. This allows us to offer you a more customized and cost-effective service, especially beneficial for clients closer to our base of operations.
We’re committed to providing excellent value while maintaining the high quality of service you deserve.

Discount on Group Rates

We offer discounted rates on travel fees for multiple customers in the same location. If someone in the same campground as you needs cleaning consider scheduling at the same time. This cuts the cost of your travel fee in half. For more information on travel fees or to schedule service today give us a call.

Maintenance & Service

Hydro-jetting of your holding tanks is a great solution to remove struvite, mold and mildew and foul odors that have accumulated in them over time. Struvite is a form of scale that forms in the pipes and tanks of your grey tank. Most people think that the black tank is the worst because that’s the tank that hooks up to your bathroom facility, but the grey tank can accumulate struvite deposits and cause more problems than you may be aware. Struvite can be removed with our hydro-jetting system and help eliminate:

  • Foul odors
  • Mold, mildew buildup
  • Blockages
  • Flies and insects
  • Tank sensor misreadings
Before you Winterize your camper or put it away for the season start off by getting your tanks professionally hydro-jetted by us and have them performing like new.

If your tanks are empty but you have an inaccurate sensor reading you may have waste build up, struvite deposits or toilet paper around the sensor making it difficult to get an accurate reading. Hydro-jet cleaning will solve all these problems!

• You should be dumping your holding tanks every 3-5 days or when tank levels reach two thirds or three quarters full.
• Frequent dumping limits waste buildup that could cause clogs, odors, or misreading sensors.

“My grey water tank was constantly reading 2/3 full, even after I had dumped it. I called Tom’s RV Tanks and he came out to the campgrounds and cleaned the tank and solved the problem!”

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